Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hingus, Ujan dan ANTM..ngeh3..

Semalam balik umah aku terkene ujan its ok..aku dah mmg tak sehat da mmg seseme agak teruk..sampe merah2 idongku..(teringt by yg suke gelarkan me idong jambu..cesss2)..bile hidung seseme n tersumbat..maka, aku tak dpt tido..asal baring je aku rase aku tak risau aku eh..kang tak bernapas ko tau la kan..nape sesorg tu tak bernapas?..haaa...tros aku duduk kat sofa..hahaha...

Pk2 takde cite best..selain puteri yg aku dah tgk..aku p ler pasang lappy adik aku ne...seb bek sue bekalkan aku nagn ANTM..ade 2 ep lg yg aku tak abes nengok..hahaha..ape lagi aku layan laa...2 ep..n da final da cite pasal ANTM lak..since cite ne base english..jom kite tulih base english..wakakaka...(please ignore my gramatically problem..wakakaka)

ANTM cycle 11

My review->of all contestant... i like->analeigh, elina, mckey, marjorie...

at first i really2 like elina, her face is so different u..unique and also beautifull..but yet..season by season she's faded..her photo is not really strong and also her stiffness make me like..okey..bored..n then she was elimenated..okey it was final four

Marjorie, Sam, Analeigh and Mckey

N the final 2, Sam n Mckey..

Mckey is as expected, but SAM?...wahaha..actually i dont really like her..even some of her photo is quite good..but i think Analeigh deserve to be final 2.shes cute and take more beutifull photos, eventhough she failed the covergirl because didnt memorize the scripts(she can make it more than others if she did this).and luckly Mckey wins..yeay..(sue already give me crying smilley says that sam won..hahah..but then luckly its not the real result..)

so enjoy the pic of elina, n final four..





~~~~~Final Episode~~~~~

analeigh..wowweeee..i like it

mckey..strong picture

marjorie->she dont know what shes doing..burghh...

sam..quite good than marjorie..

~~~~~~Final 3 ~~~~~

analeigh..i thinks she's hot..but somethings wrong with this pic..mayb her smile..hmmm..

aaa...eeee..mmm...i dont like this..y ha?..

yes..this is the best...sooooo cute n beautifull..

~~~~~AND THE WINNER IS...~~~~~


pic courtesy to->Sue and CWTV

Walla..finished one of my favourite series...

Whats next?..oh yeah..gossip i come...ngeh3 (sambil lap2 ingos)

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