Monday, March 2, 2009

Aku yg jahat...

Hmm..ari ni emosi aku agak terganggu..since pagi td..entah kenapa..

Aku terase hati..mungkin..atau entah..

Terasa bnyk yg hilang..atau aku yg semakin tidak pandai menimbang...

What would u think when someone say,

Budak kecik punya instinct yg kuat sehinggakan die boleh tahu inner seseorang..n if budak tu tamao dekat, means mayb u have bad inner..

Its make me think..a lot..

Aku ne jahat ke?..

Did i do something bad to someone?..

Did i hurt someone?..

N then i realize..of course..aku mmg jahat..

aku jahat bila mulut org berkata jahat pada aku..- sorry i cant resist that..

aku jahat bila org lain jahat pada aku...

n aku pon turut menjadi jahat..perlu muhasabah diri untuk mengubah aku yg jahat ne..

atau org boleh berkata..aku ne adalah dark side for someone..

always think in a negetive way..

but..that is reality of life..we cant aspect everything to be is balance..

there is positive n negative to make it happens..

when we think of the positive consequences, there always the negetive part with it..

just the measurement...which is the most and the less..

notakaki: mcm merapu je thread ne..watever...

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Reb@k said...

yes, life is balance, have -ve and +ve, but when we always think of -ve side, our behavior will follow.

That's why most of successfull person on this world are not -ve side, what they saw is the +ve side, opportunity.

They saw and analys those opportunity, and of coz they do have back up planning.

They actually try to avoid thinking -vely because whatever we think actually it is really effect our work.

I know you not gonna believe me on this, hope someone you trust can help you on this.